Becoming a member of a local church is making a public commitment to serve and support the work of the congregation. Membership is a public promise (like that of marriage, citizenship, etc.) that binds a person to the church.  It is a promise to become a partner of ministry, while submitting under the spiritual guidance of the church’s leadership.  Although every believer is a part of the universal church at large, it is only through membership that someone is a part of a local church as an organization.

We have a three part Membership Class offered to those who want to commit to our church as members. In this class we discuss the foundational beliefs of our ministry, as well as explain the mission and values of our church.  This class is also our prerequisite for Baptism.


Baptism is a public faith confession that we are unified with Jesus Christ, scripture says “for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ” (Gal. 3:27).  Baptism represents what is happening spiritually in our hearts when coming to saving faith in Jesus Christ and publicly letting others know of your conversion.  Through Baptism you are brought into the family of God, and now are walking with one another in faith.

Adult baptism- If you have never been baptized before and would like to be, you must first go through our Foundations Class.  Upon completing the class and being interviewed through one of our leaders, you will be baptized at our public worship service.

Infant baptism- If parents are baptized and good standing members of the church, their children may also receive baptism.

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