Sunday worship alone is not enough!  Christianity is not a religion but a relationship. Therefore as our relationship with Christ grows, so should our relationship with our neighbors.  Our groups are here to provide an environment to build genuine relationships, built in Christ.  Our vision is that every member of our ministry will be connected to our church through a group.

Growth Groups– Our Growth Groups can be based on: gender, geographic location, stage in life.  The make up of the group will change depending on the needs of our congregation.  These groups meet every other week to for a Bible based lesson and discussion.  You can expect to share God’s Word together, while also eating together and praying for one another.  These groups are held seasonally, and are open to anyone who would like to join.  We believe that these intentional relationships are the ideal places to spiritually grow.

Book Club– In contrast to the Growth Group, a Book Club is a small group that meets for a set amount of weeks in order to study a specific topic or book with a mentor.  It is designed to stretch a person spiritually and intellectually through relational accountability.  These groups launch and end depending on the availability of mentors and also those who desire to join one.  We encourage our trained members to start these groups organically and become mentors!

 Please contact us to join!