Taking Steps!

Step 1:  Sunday Worship– Come just as you are to encounter the presence of God and the message of the gospel.  Our worship services include praise, prayer, and a weekly Gospel-centered message expounded from Scripture.

Step 2:  Next Steps– Next Steps is a causal meal shared to learn what Gracepoint North is all about.  It’s a great time to meet other new comers, as well as our staff and leadership, while learning about ways to get more involved.

Step 3: Foundations Class– This class covers the basics of the Christian faith, as well as the purpose and mission of our church. Although this class functions as our church’s membership class, it is for anyone who wants to learn more about the gospel and Christianity.

Step 4:  Growth Group– Growth Group is a small group that meets consistently every other week.  Being plugged into a Growth Group is like joining a family where we share our lives with one another in Christ.  These groups have an open door for anyone to join in order to study God’s word, share meals together and pray for one another.

Step 5:  Discipleship Group– In contrast to the Growth Group, a Discipleship Group is a small group that meets for a set amount of weeks in order to study a specific topic or book with a mentor.  It is designed to stretch a person spiritually and intellectually through relational accountability.

Step 6:  Discipleship Training  This training requires a lot of commitment and time. Those who join will meet with a small group of people along with a mentor for several months.  This training is designed to help those who desire to grow in their faith through spiritual disciplines and missional challenges.

Step 7:  Engage in Mission–  The purpose of getting involved in our church is always geared towards getting on God’s mission.  Getting on God’s mission includes, but are not limited to: serving in church ministries, starting a new ministry, serving the community, personal evangelism and even going out for over seas missions.  Our hope is that each member will be able to develop their own missional goals to serve God’s kingdom.